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الشركة : IRONMAN4X4
النوع : IWHL003


Ironman 4x4's wiring harness loom is manufactured from high quality cables and connectors. Designed to connect to 2 lights with DRL's as an easy fit loom suitable for positive or negative switching vehicles. Including an on/off mouse switch with LED indicator for quick surface mount installation.

Technical Data

Rated for 25A (300W)

40A 12VDC Relay

25A / 3A Inline Fuses

1.7m Cable (Relay to Battery)

1.6m / 2.6m Cables (Relay to Deutsch Plug)

3.1m Cable (Relay to Switch Plug) 

1.2m Cable (Relay to On/Off Switch)

Comply with ADR13/00


1 Year

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