سنوركل (غليون) ل جيمني GJ 2018+

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الشركة : IRONMAN4X4
النوع : ISNORKEL070

Improve the performance and reliability of your Suzuki Jimny with an Ironman 4×4 Airforce Snorkel, benefiting the vehicle with a raised intake height for cleaner air and safer water crossings.
By using computational fluid dynamics simulations and real-world testing, Ironman 4×4 engineers designed the snorkel not only to complement the shape of the vehicle but also to ensure airways are unobstructed allowing a constant flow of air.
The unique Ironman 4×4 angled ram-air head design deflects rain for superior airflow and water dispersion.
Constructed from UV-stabilised polyethylene plastic, the snorkel is made with longevity in mind, withstanding the harsh Australian sun.
Overall, the new Airforce Snorkel will take the Suzuki Jimny to the next extreme.

– Styled to complement the unique body shape of the new Jimny
– Maximum airflow performance made possible through computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations during design, and then real-world tested.
– UV-stabilised black polyethylene plastic for longevity in the harshest of conditions
– Uses the trusted Ironman 4×4 angled ram-air head for superior airflow plus water dispersion

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