سويبار لاندكروزر 70 (خلفي)

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الشركة : IRONMAN4X4
النوع : ISB789RW


Sway bars are designed to maximise tyre contact on the road whilst minimising body roll, ensuring weight transfer is distributed evenly delivering better grip and a more comfortable driving experience.Ironman 4x4 is a leading manufacturer of upgraded heavy duty sway bars for the armoured vehicle, military and fleet vehicle industry.Enhanced performance direct replacement sway bars featuring maximum bar diameter with factory compatible fitment.Supplied with maintenance-free Shore A80 Duro NR Bushes and mounting hardware *where applicable.Ideal for heavily loaded and high centre of gravity 4x4 vehicles.*Only compatible with vehicles that have mounting provision, please check axle housing for sway bar mounting platforms before ordering.Sway Bar is supplied with all mounting brackets, links and bushes.SPECIFICATIONSQuantity Required1Thickness30mmNotesReplacement Bushes available:- Rubber Sway Bar Axle Mounting Bush 30mm (Part Number: ISBB78930R)- Rubber Sway Bar End Bush (Part Number: ISBB789REB)- Axle Mounting D Bracket (Part Number: ISBB789DB)- Chassis Mounting Bracket Set (Part Number: ISBB789RBK)WARRANTY3 Years, 60,000km

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